Developing Opportunities Program

The Developing Opportunities Program is a therapeutic, instructional program for students in kindergarten through fifth grade who demonstrate social-emotional challenges that interfere with their school achievement, classroom behavior, social skills, and/or relationships with others. The program is divided into two classrooms (K-2) and (3-5) at the elementary level.  This program extends to Rotolo Middle School (grades 6-8)  and another classroom at Batavia High School (9-12). The Developing Opportunities Program is a small, structured program designed for students who benefit from a positive behavioral approach and small group instruction. The curriculum is aligned to the core curriculum and includes instructional materials that are provided to students in the general education setting along with specific interventions based on each student’s IEP.

Program Goals

  • To assist students in acquiring appropriate classroom and social behaviors in order to function appropriately and successfully in the general education setting.
  • To provide academic instruction and/or support in the special education and general education settings to maximize student achievement.
  • To provide behavioral interventions, monitoring, and counseling services in the school setting.
  • To provide case management that facilitates students’ successful participation in general education curricular activities.

This Program is Designed for…

  • Special education students with identified social-emotional or behavioral needs.
  • Students with a history of school issues related to behavior and/or emotional issues that are having an adverse impact on educational performance.
  • Students who have a documented functional behavioral assessment and behavior interventions developed and implemented over time.
  • Students, based on the determination of the IEP team, with needs that cannot be met in a less restrictive environment.

The IEP team may recommend a change in programming when…

  • The team determines that a student has demonstrated increased behavior management and/or coping skills and has consistently generalized these skills across settings.
  • The student is successful for two or more academic classes, as well as specials.
  • The student is not making adequate progress in the program and displays aggressive behaviors toward adults or peers; indicating a need for additional supports in an alternative setting.

A Partnership with Parents/Guardians

  • Parent involvement in each child’s educational program is encouraged and welcomed by the Developing Opportunities team.
  • Daily progress will be communicated to students and parents to monitor student’s emotional/behavioral growth.
  • Academic and behavioral interventions will be designed and adjusted based on each student’s individual progress in the Developing Opportunities program.
  • The Developing Opportunities team is committed to working closely with students and parents to help each student feel successful in the least restrictive environment.