Faculty and Student Filter Policy

Categories listed are blocked
 Faculty & Staff  Students
 Adult and pornography  Abused drugs
 Bot nets  Adult and pornography
 Confirmed spam sources  Alcohol and tobacco
 Cult and occult  Bot nets
 Hacking  Confirmed spam sources
 Key loggers and monitoring  Cult and occult
 Malware sites  Dating
 Marijuana  Hacking
 Nudity  Keyloggers and monitoring
 Online gambling  Malware sites
 Online greeting cards  Marijuana
 Open http proxies  Nudity
 Pay to surf  Online gambling
 Peer to peer  Online greeting cards
 Phishing and other frauds  Open http proxies
 Proxy avoidance and anonymizers  Pay to surf
 Sex education Peer to peer
 Spam URLs  Phishing and other frauds
 Spyware and adware  Proxy avoidance and anonymizers
 Swimsuits and intimate apparel  Sex education
 Unconfirmed spam sources  Social networking
 Web advertisements  Spam URLs
 Spyware and adware
 Swimsuits and intimate apparel
 Unconfirmed spam sources
 Web advertisements
 Web based email