Chromebook Support

Most Chromebook issues are solved with these simple steps.  Still need help?  Visit your school’s ChromeDepot or contact the Helpdesk.

Chromebook is speed-cursing through a document or won’t power off.

  • Press and hold the power button for 10+ seconds to power off. Wait 5 seconds before powering back on.

Chromebook won’t power on.

  1. Hold power button down for 15 seconds to drain battery and plug into charger
  2. Try charging the Chromebook overnight and test in morning.

Orange block appears where cursor should be.

Turn off spoken feedback under accessibility.

Can’t log in because they get a password error (students in a language class).

The keyboard might be set on an INTL keyboard, not US.

  • Press SHIFT + ALT to toggle between keyboards

Chromebook keeps trying to logon to BPSguest.

Logout, shutdown, then turn on and sign back in.