The Batavia Public School District 101 assessment program uses a variety of tests at designated times and grade levels to obtain information about the academic growth and potential of each child. This information is used to:

  • Aid the assessment of a student’s classroom performance for instructional purposes.
  • Provide meaningful information for students and parents/guardians in relationship to the student’s performance.
  • Aid parents/guardians, school personnel, and students in making educational, vocational and personal decisions relative to the student.
  • Obtain a measure of student growth in skill and proficiency in relation to the District’s learner outcomes and State standards.
  • Compare a student’s performance with local, state, and national norms and specific performance criteria.
  • Provide evidence of the potential ability of each student as a basis for expectations.  Both norm-referenced and criteria-referenced tests and assessments may be used to measure student potential and actual performance.
  • Aid the evaluation of curriculum strengths and weaknesses in relation to the District’s learner outcomes as well as local and national norms and specific performance criteria.

Effective instruction depends on high-quality assessments, the District expects all assessments to provide accurate information about student achievement. Each district-level assessment must meet five standards of quality. Each one must arise from a clearly articulated set of learner outcomes, serve an instructionally relevant purpose, rely on a proper method, sample student achievement in an appropriate manner, and control for all relevant sources of bias and distortion that can lead to inaccurate assessment

With respect to the use of assessment in promoting high student achievement, the District acknowledges that assessment and evaluation can serve as a powerful teaching tool. By involving students in the assessment and evaluation of their own achievement, teachers can use assessment to help students understand the meaning of academic success and meet the highest achievement expectations. (BPS101 Board Policy 6:340 Student Testing and Assessment Program)

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