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BPS101 Strategic Plan


Always learning. Always growing.


Batavia Public Schools is a district celebrated for our commitment to students and for purposeful collaboration.  Through a continuous improvement perspective that is grounded on a genuine belief that all students can learn, Batavia educators work collaboratively to maintain a district-wide learning environment that maximizes resources to improve the lives of students through a focus on learning, results and collaboration to educate students today to meet the challenges of tomorrow

FOCUS ON LEARNING: Resources, staff development, technology, and all efforts are focused on the critical task of maximizing student growth. The norms within the district’s culture of achievement include high expectations for students and staff, state of the art instruction that meets the needs of all learners, and students taking an active role in their personal learning.

FOCUS ON RESULTS: Data drives the decision-making in all areas of Batavia Public Schools.    Student growth and learning are measured by formative and summative assessments, clear systematic processes, and the effective use of resources in an environment that holds all stakeholders accountable for student learning.

FOCUS ON COLLABORATION: Batavia Public Schools is a place where teaming and collaboration are critical components of professional learning communities, shared decision making, and interest based problem solving.  This is evidenced by our commitment to effective teaming, the involvement of stakeholders, and active two-way communication within an environment where it is safe to express differences, share successes and learn from our mistakes.

We Value:

  • Decisions made in the context of what is best for our students
  • The social and emotional well-being of our students and staff
  • The belief that all students can learn
  • The ideal that students should be challenged at their highest level in all learning areas for college and career readiness
  • Communication that is open, honest, accessible, and reciprocal among all stake-holders

Strategic Goals: