Why It Matters

If it passes, the referendum will fund most of our 15+ year master facilities plan.

Reasons to Vote For

  • Improved safety and security
  • Greater cost-efficiency and effectiveness of taxpayer dollars
  • Better learning environments for students and programs
  • Supports pride in our schools
  • Protects community investments (infrastructure and property values)


Reasons to Vote Against

  • School property taxes will decrease by approximately 10%
  • Economic conditions may change
  • Allows time to reconsider the plan and needs and obtain more community input and trust 

Should the referendum fail, we’ll need to re-think our master facilities plan and how our schools will support our evolving education programs:

Impacts if Unsuccessful

  • Students will continue to learn in less than ideal conditions
  • More strain on teachers — unideal conditions make teaching and learning more difficult
  • Requires reactive, band-aid approach and making do over the long-term
  • Increased strain on operational budget (less to support students e.g., increased class sizes, limited educational programs)
  • More deferred maintenance (more expensive to taxpayers in the long run)
  • Potential negative impact on property values