6:220-AP1 Selection of Non-Core Instructional Materials by Principals and Staff

General Philosophy for Selection:

Learning resources will be obtained and utilized in compliance with current copyright law.  Additionally, the presence of any instructional material does not indicate endorsement of its content.

All faculty members are encouraged to use their subject expertise in making recommendations.  Also, careful consideration will be given to community and student recommendations.

Instructional materials include, but are not limited to: classroom library books, supplementary reading and informational materials, instructional intervention materials, realia, audio-recordings, video-recordings, computer software, (Internet sources), agencies and organizations, and community resource people.

General Criteria for Selection:

In general the procedure will be to purchase the best materials which are aligned to district curricula. The established criteria for all fields include:

  1. Materials that enrich and support attainment of educational objectives of the curriculum, taking into consideration varied interests, abilities, intellectual development and maturity levels of students served and standards of the community.
  2. Materials that are scientifically-based interventions to improve or enrich student performance.
  3. Materials that stimulate growth in factual knowledge, literary appreciation, aesthetic values and ethical standards.
  4. Materials that promote the goal of providing a comprehensive collection appropriate for interests and needs of users, recognizing their right to access a wide range of reading materials.

Date Adopted: 12/16/2009