6:030-E1-Kindergarten Letter of Intent

Batavia School District

Letter of Intent for Kindergarten

[School Year]

Please check one.

 I will NOT be enrolling my child in kindergarten at this time.

 I am enrolling my child in half day kindergarten.

Child’s name: ___________________________________ Gender: M F

Address: ______________________________________ Phone: _____________

Parent’s signature(s): _______________________________

Parent name(s): ___________________________________ Date:____________

This Letter of Intent along with all other required registration materials must be submitted to your child’s school principal by [Date].

[Principal Name]                  [Principal Name]                            [Principal Name]

Alice Gustafson School        J. B. Nelson School                       Grace McWayne School

905 Carlisle Road                334 William Wood Lane               3501 Hapner Way

Batavia, IL 60510                 Batavia, IL 60510                        Batavia, IL 60510

630-937-8000                      630-937-8400                               630-937-8100


[Principal Name]                 [Principal Name]                        [Principal Name]

Louise White School           H. C. Storm School                    Hoover-Wood School

800 N. Prairie Street           305 N. Van Nortwick Street      1640 Wagner Road

Batavia, IL 60510               Batavia, IL 60510                      Batavia, IL 60510

630-937-8500                     630-937-8200                            630-937-8300

Please respond below if you would be interested in the Park District Enrichment Program.

 I’m interested.*

 Need more information.*

*If you check either option, your name and phone number will be shared with the Park District.  March 2015

March 2015