BPS101 Hall of Honor

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The purpose of the Hall of Honor for Batavia Public School District 101 is to recognize and honor alumni, staff members, and community members who have demonstrated excellence in their field and/or commitment of service to District 101. Batavia Public Schools intends to honor alumni who have achieved notable success in the fields of academic, business, literary, professional, scientific, medical, the arts, athletics, community service, public service, or service to the country. These alumni will provide positive role models to District 101 students by demonstrating the high caliber of individuals who graduate from BHS. Alumni who have been out of school for fifteen (15) years are eligible for consideration. This honor can be awarded posthumously.

In addition, the Hall of Honor will be used to honor and recognize staff members and community members who have displayed outstanding service to District 101 and the Batavia community.


Distinguished Alumni Award candidates may be nominated in one or more of the following areas:







The Arts


Community Service

Public Service

Service to Country

Through their accomplishments, they have brought great credit to their field and to Batavia Public Schools District 101.

Commitment and/or Community Service Honors may be awarded each year for outstanding service either as an employee or a volunteer in the BPS District 101 and Batavia community.  These individuals do not have to be BHS graduates.

Nominee Qualifications for the Hall of Honor Award

A person qualifies for consideration for induction into the Hall of Honor by becoming an active nominee by fulfilling the criteria in one of the following categories and being submitted as a nominee to the Committee:


PERSONAL ACHIEVEMENT-Batavia High School graduates who have demonstrated excellence and made significant contributions in their field and who have been out of school for at least fifteen (15) years.
SERVICE—Batavia High School graduates who have contributed significantly to their community, state, or country and have been out of school for at least fifteen (15) years.


COMMITMENT—Past or present staff members who worked at Batavia District 101 for a minimum of ten (10) years and who, through their employment at Batavia, have demonstrated their deep commitment to Batavia students, parents, and/or staff.
FRIEND OF BATAVIA—Individuals who have given meritorious service to Batavia and/or one or more of its schools for many years or have been a loyal friend to Batavia and/or one more of its schools.  Batavia staff members are not excluded from this category. However, nominations of Batavia staff members in this category shall be for something other than what they achieved as an employee.

Selection Process

Nominations may be submitted to the Committee by anyone including Committee members.

Nominations must be received after September 1st but before February 1st to be considered in that year.

Nomination materials must include the nomination form, a summary of why the nominee deserves to be recognized, specific evidence that supports the nomination, and can also include references/links to articles, web sites, and other supportive materials.  We encourage applicants to provide as much information as possible.
Nominations will be placed in three categories.
Active Nominations:  Those with completed application materials and eligible for consideration for induction.  To become an active nomination, the candidate must also be nominated and seconded by members of the Committee in addition to fulfilling criteria specified elsewhere herein.
Pending Nominations:  Those that meet the criteria for nomination, but for which the appropriate nomination materials have not been completed or submitted to the Committee.  The Committee shall make a reasonable effort to obtain all necessary nomination materials for pending nominations.
Suspended Nominations:  Those that failed to receive more than two (2) votes during a two-year period.  Suspended nominations may be re-nominated in the future through the regular nomination procedure (see below).  By a vote of 12 of the 15 Committee members, a suspended nomination may be eliminated from the nominations altogether.
The Committee shall consider written recommendations for each nominee and, after proper and appropriate discussion, cast their votes for new Hall of Honor Award recipients.

The BPS Hall of Honor is a 501(c)(3) organization.

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