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Stakeholders Help Shape Agenda for January 15 Listening Post

For the first time since the Board of Education began hosting bi-annual Listening Posts, stakeholders within the Batavia Public School community were invited to rank the most important topics they would like to publicly address with the board.

Survey data from 252 respondents has been analyzed; and topics concerning state of the art instruction, parent partnerships, and school and district information ranked highest among the seven topic areas that respondents were asked to consider for discussion.

“One of the reasons the board values these Listening Posts is because it provides an opportunity to interface with members of the community and listen to what’s important to them,” said Dr. Jack Barshinger, Superintendent.  “By using survey feedback to shape the agenda for this forum, we believe we are introducing key topics and asking questions that our stakeholders want to address.”

Attendees at next week's Listening Post will be asked to provide input on the following top-ranked questions:

·  What does ‘state of the art’ instruction mean to you?
·  What can the district do to enhance parent partnerships?
·  What school and district information is valuable to you?

The Listening Post is open to parents, students, BPS101 staff and any other interested members of the community.  It is scheduled for 7:00 pm on Tuesday, January 15 at Alice Gustafson School, which is located at 905 Carlisle Road in Batavia.