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Early Childhood Center

The Early Childhood (EC) education program  is housed within Alice Gustafson Elementary School where it moved to a new facility in September of 2008. It is the instructional home for approximately 120 children ages 3 to 5 years who join the Early Childhood program either by qualifying for services after participating in a free Early Childhood Screening, or by enrolling in the BPS101 Community Preschool. For more information, please contact (630) 937-8000.

Early Reading Intervention

Each elementary building has a reading specialist that provides supplemental reading instruction for low achieving students in grades K-2, and assists classroom teachers as they provide interventions to students in reading.

Title 1 funds are used to support the district's early interventions in reading at our Title 1 schools. Please note that parents have a right to inspect the qualifications of those teachers participating in delivering Title 1 services (6:170 Title 1 Programs)

English Language Learners

English Language Learners

English Language Learners Program


Batavia Public Schools and the faculty and staff of the English Language Learners program are committed to the long-term success of students through growth in: Language Development, Literacy Skills, Content Mastery, Cognitive Competencies, Social Competencies and Emotional Learning. 

Program Goals



The purpose of the Gifted Education service in Batavia Public Schools is to identify and serve those students who demonstrate academic excellence beyond that of their chronological peers regardless of race, gender, ethnicity, disability or socioeconomic status.

School Choice & Supplemental Education Services

Please see links below for provider contact information and summaries of their services.


Supporting Those At Risk

Supporting Those At Risk


Batavia Public Schools, the Kindergarten faculty, and staff of the STAR program are committed to the long-term success of students through growth in: Language Development, Learning Readiness, Social & Behavioral Skills, Early Literacy, Early Numeracy, and Gross & Fine Motor Development. 

Student Registration


Please note: From July 1 through July 25, parents of students at all BPS101 schools who need to register their student(s) must register their student(s) at Rosalie Jones Administration Center, located at 335 W. Wilson Street.  The Rosalie Jones Administration Center will be open Monday – Thursday from 8AM to 3PM in July.


Register a Returning Student

Parents and guardians may register returning students for the upcoming school year through the PowerSchool Parent Portal.

Summer Programs

2014 Summer Programs

Through its 2014 Summer Programs, Batavia Public School District 101 will again offer targeted learning opportunities for students who may benefit from academic instruction and enrichment activities during the summer.  The following tuition-based programs will be offered to students: