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Annual Salary Compensation Report

Mandated Certified Teacher/Administrative Salary Compensation Report

According to law, on or before October 1 of each year, school districts in this State, including special charter districts, shall post on its Internet website, if any, an itemized salary compensation report for every certified employee in the district inclusive of administrators, teaching staff, and the district superintendent. The report is to reflect data drawn from the prior school year. The salary compensation report shall include for each certified employee without limitation:

Name: Legal last name, first name, and middle name/initial (if available)
Position: Main position, i.e., District Administrator, Other Administrator, or Teacher
Title: Title for main position (optional)
Base Salary: Dollar amount of base salary
FTE (Full-Time Equivalency): FTE for all positions, counted in hundredths
Vacation Days: Number of vacation days awarded
Sick Days: Number of sick days awarded
Bonuses: Dollar value of bonuses
Annuities: Dollar value of employer-provided qualified and nonqualified annuities
Retirement Enhancements: Dollar value of employer-provided retirement enhancements
Other Benefits: Dollar value of other benefits provided by employer

In addition, districts are required to post the same information for employees eligible for the Illinois Municipal Retirement Fund (IMRF) with a total annual compensation package equaling or exceeding $70,000.

What follows is the Batavia Public School District #101 version of that report for your review.