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Kindergarten Preview Scheduled for February 15


Elementary schools within Batavia Public School District 101 will be hosting Kindergarten Preview sessions on February 15, 2013; and parents of incoming kindergarten students are strongly encouraged to have their children participate in a session at their future school.  To be eligible for kindergarten enrollment for the 2013/14 school year, children must be at least 5 years of age on, or before, September 1, 2013.  

What is Kindergarten Preview?
Kindergarten Preview is a one-hour session during which prospective kindergartners participate in activities as a small group while being observed by teachers and parents.  During this time, the child’s fine-motor, cognitive, speech and language skills are observed.

What are the benefits of participating in Kindergarten Preview?
Participating in a Kindergarten Preview session is valuable because it:
• Offers parents an opportunity to observe their child in a school setting;
• Serves as a preliminary introduction of school staff to parents and children;
• Offers parents an opportunity to ask questions;
• Provides a positive kindergarten experience to incoming students;
• Gives teachers the opportunity to observe students to determine age-appropriate development; and
• Provides parents with registration information for the upcoming school year.

Which Kindergarten Preview should my child attend?
Parents or guardians should make every effort to attend a Kindergarten Preview session with their child at the school within their current school boundary.  However, preview sessions at other participating schools may be available to families with scheduling conflicts.  Every effort will be made to accommodate scheduling preferences; however, final session times will be determined by overall responses.

How do I register my child for a Kindergarten Preview session?
Click here to download the Kindergarten Preview registration form, which includes session schedules and contact information for each school.  Please indicate your session preferences and return the completed form to the building principal by February 1, 2013.  You will be contacted to confirm the final date and time for your session. 

What if we can’t attend any Kindergarten Preview sessions?
Please contact your child’s prospective principal if it is impossible for you to attend any Kindergarten Preview sessions on February 15, 2013.

Who do I contact with questions about Kindergarten Preview?
For questions about Kindergarten Preview, please contact any one of the elementary school principals listed on the registration form.